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Oh Yea! I’m Here! July 5, 2006

Posted by Joe in Seeking Him.

So Lar…I had a full day of fellowship, and it was sweet, even though it didn’t include you brother! First we got together with Rod Conner from To Every Tribe Ministries (www.toeverytribe.com). Our getting together was pretty last minute, but you will definitely have to meet him. It was such an encouragement to see all that they are doing among the unreached. He came with his wife, daughter, son-in-law (who I played against back in the day), and his grandson. We got to see a little video of their work. The frontlines brother. I told Erin that if we let you and Michelle see it, you might have been packing your bags tonight! Pretty sweet.

Then Gerry and Doreen came over for dinner. Another great encouragement to say the least! As you can imagine, the kids especially burned off some energy. Abigail was pretty wired after her buddy Lukas left. And then Timmy and Allison stopped by! Again, need I mention that it was a great encouragement! Fellowship is sweet. I love the Word, reading it, meditating upon it, and hearing it publicly proclaimed (or proclaiming it myself!), but godly fellowship must never be underestimated! What sweet encouragement it is when our hearts are united in seeking Him! We miss the face to face dynamic most of the year, but the Lord grants much grace during the summer to make up much of the time.

Anyhow…it is late and past my bedtime, but way to get the ball rolling brother. Of course leave it to you to start this thing off with a short discussion that reaches back into the glorious mystery of Trinity in unity! I am by no means surprised. And you without doubt that I absolutely love it!

So first things first…Amen! B/c I love all that you said and I absolutely love this verse! Everytime I read it, my heart begins to soar and my mouth is somewhat stopped. I know that might be hard to believe, but this verse and the reality conveyed there does leave me somewhat speechless. John 17:26, “I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

I offer this humble thought before I go further. I have honestly always taken “the love with which you have loved me” to be a clear reference to the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. My understanding of the Trinity– which comes largely from Jonathan Edwards’ essays on the Trinity– is that the Holy Spirit IS the love that the Father has for the Son and that the Son has for the Father. He, the Holy Spirit, is infinite in His perfections and truly and sincerely and eternally a Person in that He is the very joy and love that the Father and Son have in and for one another.

Their love for one another and joy and delight in one another is so real and intense and eternal that it is an actual Third Person and equal in deity. C.S. Lewis also pointed to this reality in something he said concerning the Trinity. Let’s try to find that quote (and a few by Edwards for that matter).

I could be off on this, but if this is true, it would probably line up a little better with your first point. (Would you agree?) And your first point is how I have always understood this verse– with particular reference to the Person of the Holy Spirit of course. Essentially, I understood Jesus to be saying that He made known to His disciples the name and glory of the Father and will continue to make it known so that the very love that the Father has for the Son–that infinite and perfect love that is SO infinite and perfect that it IS the Holy Spirit!–would be in them (His disciples). And not stopping there, He says at the end, “and I in them.” And how else is Jesus IN His disciples but by the Holy Spirit Himself? (Now that was a mouthful I confess!)

Some might think that this interpretation gives less force to the verse, but I would totally disagree, b/c in my mind, it maginfies the glory of the Trinity. It magnifies the love that the Father has in the Son. Not only that, but more so it points to the great reality that Christianity is deity indwelling men! “Christ in us, the hope of glory.” This is absolutely breathtaking and serves to put Christianity in its proper, glorious place! Think of it. To use the title of Henry Scougal’s work, “The Life of God in the Soul of Man.” Let us fall to our knees and tremble!

Now…with all that being said, I really did love your second point! Honestly, I never saw the verse like that before, but I can see it now and love that truth! And I really have no doubt that it is true, but I just wonder in what sense. B/c I realize that the convenant love God has for His people comes only through the Son. It is all to the glory of the Father through the glory of the Son. We, God’s people, are the beloved love gift of the Son to the Father. Jesus has bought us, so that through Him, we can experience the very love of God! Such a reality is also breathtaking to say the very least!

Seriously, I could probably stay up all night thinking this verse through, but it simply wouldn’t be wise. Not to mention, it cannot hurt to leave such a discussion for another day! For I do not doubt that if the Lord gives me breath, He will use this great truth to stir up my soul tomorrow. The hard part for me now will simply be quieting my heart to rest for the night! Everyday it seems that my heart is hottest at night. All day is just one complete warm-up. Tomorrow I will awake and need grace upon grace to burn once again! I will cry out to the Father for an infilling of the Holy Spirit, that is, for the very love and joy that the Father and Son have for and in one another! Pray for me brother. I will do the same (although I confess it will probably be a little later than you!).

Rejoicing in the Father’s love with you,



1. erincrispin - July 6, 2006

Joe and Larry,
I am really excited about this blog and what God is going to do through it. But even if it is only Michelle and I reading it, please know that already you are ministering to me just my sharing your heart and the meditations you have on God’s Word. Thank you and love you both!

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