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A Sabbath’s Day Blog July 9, 2006

Posted by Joe in Seeking Him.

I know you were busy today preparing for your message this evening–the normal sunday routine–but I wanted to get something up here on the Sabbath for any faithful readers (which I have heard there are a few- praise God!). So here is my Sabbath’s day blog…

Of course we didn’t set out to start off this blog with a short discussion of the Trinity, but that is exactly what happened—and I am O so thankful! My heart has loved every minute and I have personally seen the fruits of contemplating the greatness and glory of our God—particularly His triune Personhood. Also (and this is what I want to mention here) it has compelled me to dive deeper into this glorious mystery of trinity in unity. So I am picking up a book called Father, Son, & Holy Spirit by Bruce Ware.

I have heard nothing but good things on this work and have had it for a few months now. I will be reading it for the next few weeks, Lord willing, and hope to share some insights. Interestingly enough, the subtitle of the book is “Relationships, Roles & Relevance”—which goes right along with your last point on practicality.

That being said, I would encourage anyone with a desire to search further into this glorious mystery to pick up this book. It is my understanding that it is a great starting place. Also, Jonathan Edwards’ An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity is a great read. It is well beyond us all, but it is my conviction that is a main reason why we should read it! I would challenge us to take 3 paragraphs a day on that essay. It might sound like nothing, but I trust that it would be time well spent! I can promise that reading and meditating upon the truths presented in that essay will bring your mind and heart to a different place—a better place! Just an idea for the hungry of heart.

Also, John Piper’s The Pleasures of God must be mentioned. Larry and I hold it in high esteem (it is our favorite actually), because the great, grand vision of God set forth in that book is what holds our hearts and drives our lives. Piper discusses God’s Trinitarian joy (in particular, the relationship between the Father and Son) with enough clarity to stir up the soul. I think I can speak for Larry and say we would recommend that book above all others (except the inspired, infallible Word of God of course!).

Enough for now. I might have slightly overstepped the limits for the Sabbath’s Day blog. Well, praise God for the New Covenant in Christ Jesus; for there is no condemnation in Him!

Seeking our great triune God with you,



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