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Yea… September 1, 2006

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.

So the new Desiring God site is really sweet. I am excited, b/c I believe it will be a great aid to many in their pursuit of God. The ease of use and the massive amounts of God-centered material will definitely be a blessing. Particularly when we go overseas (if the Lord wills), I know we will be checking in for both listening and viewing. I would encourage anyone listening to make good use of this site and all the other great ones out there. Listening to good sermons should be something that we take advantage of today, in our own individual lives, our marriages, and our families. An evening together that consists of listening to a good sermon and spending some time in discussion and prayer is an evening well spent. I know that Erin and I have been blessed abundantly each time we have done so. And as you know, there is not only Desiring God, but hundreds of other great ministries out there. For a short list click here.

Anyhow, regarding your last post…I am thankful that you post those pray requests periodically. It really does help put things in perspective. Particularly, I think hearing of the persecuted church helps us to awaken from our tendency towards spiritual sleep. In fact, that is where my thoughts wandered as I read that post. It seems like everytime I receive an update from Open Doors or Voice of the Martyrs, I am forced to ask myself this question: What’s easier, being a Christian in the midst of opposition or being a Christian in the midst of prosperity and ease?

On the surface it might seem like a easy question to answer, but I don’t think that is the case. For there is a reason why the church withers amidst ease and prosperity and grows like wildfire in the mist of opposition. Historically it is obvious that when the church grows rich and powerful and comfortable, it begins to wither and die. Persecution brings power for the church of the Living God. Life itself teaches us that it is very difficult to get on top and stay on top. The last become first and the first become last.
I have my opinion in this matter, but would like to simply put this out there for some reflection, b/c we definitely need to think about it.

Diligent to make my calling and election sure,


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