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Saturday Recommendation September 2, 2006

Posted by Joe in Recommendations.


Don’t worry. I won’t mind going on a little monologue for the next few days. You have been holding up your end of the bargain quite well during the past few weeks. Now I need to live up to mine! I’ll get to your request in the next few days (Lord willing), but for now I wanted to post a short saturday recommendation.

Simply put, my recommendation is that we all make some sort of solid Christian catechism apart of our personal lives and our family lives. I have come to see the importance of this during the past few weeks, particularly after we started catechizing Abigail with a children’s version. In fact, what struck this in me was when I recommended the practice to my youngest sister, Karlie. We were talking about Abigail’s ability to remember the question and I told her that it would be a good idea for her as well. She replied, “Well, it’s a good idea for everyone right?” Amen Kar!

So here are a few to use.

bcat_medium.jpg I picked up “A Baptist Catechism” from Desiring God Ministries that I have found helpful. Erin and I plan on going through that together in some capacity and using it personally (and with the kids as they get older). You can either read it online here or click on the book and purchase the booklet. In my estimation, it is worth the four dollars to have it in your possession. Essentially it is a Baptist version of the famous Westminster Catechism, which I would naturally suggest for those who believe in infant baptism (a.k.a. paedobaptists).

bigtruths2.jpgOne more I would suggest would be for the kids. We use one by Susan Hunt called “Big Truths for Little Kids.” You can use it devotionally and as might be expected, it simplifies each question and answer. We enjoy doing it with Abigail and love seeing the fruit! In my estimation, it is impossible to underestimate the impact of filling our children’s mind and heart with solid Bible truth. We fill the mind, the pray that the Lord might use that truth that powerfully transform their hearts! May He grant us (and them) much mercy!

Alright, enough for now brother. I’ll talk more later!

Seeking Him with you,




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