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Good Book September 12, 2006

Posted by larrylaz in Recommendations.

Saturday came and went without any book recommendations, so I thought I would encourage our faithful readers (maybe up to double digits by now?) to pick up an outstanding book by a guy named Alexander Strauch called Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership. I know that probably doesn’t sound like the most intriguing title for the average reader, especially one who is not involved with church leadership, but I strongly recommend it anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I preached at a church that was really suffering through some hard times because they had not appropriated the truths laid out in this book. In essence, Strauch is calling upon churches to re-examine the common perception that the shepherding of the local church is the responsibility of the pastor alone. So many churches have just one man who is responsible for almost all of the spiritual leadership in the Church. But when examined biblically, the New Testament writers never write of just one pastor, but always speak of elders. Elders are not simply people who take care of some administrative duties while the pastor does all the spiritual work. All elders, whether they are paid staff or lay leaders, are responsible to shepherd the flock of God.

Too many churches collapse because one man is called upon to do everything, and that man either burns out or leaves, and the church has no one to pick up any of the slack. It really is astounding how unbiblical is the leadership structure of the vast majority of evangelical, Bible-believing churches. This book (I am only a third of the way through it) has been really eye-opening to me, and I believe that the Church is in great need of applying these truths.

If nothing else, I recommend that you get a copy of this book and give it to the pastor/one of the elders at your church, and ask him to evaluate their current leadership structure through the biblical lens of this book. It should be required reading for anyone called to the position of elder.

As I said, I know that may not seem necessary to every reader of this blog, but having read the first 100+ pages, I believe it is necessary for the health and preservation of your churches. So I encourage you to pick up a copy and give it to someone in your church.




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