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9/11 Reflection (A Few Days Late) September 14, 2006

Posted by larrylaz in Quotes.

With the five-year anniversary of 9/11 being this past Monday, the following quote might have been better posted then. But the tragedy of 9/11 exposed another tragedy, this one in the Church. In his book Above All Earthly Powers: Christ in a Postmodern World, David Wells writes the following regarding the Church’s response to the terrorist attacks:

“This moment of tragedy and evil [referring to 9-11] shone its own light on the Church and what we came to see was not a happy sight. For what has become conspicuous by its scarcity, and not least in the evangelical corner of it, is a spiritual gravitas [that is, weight], one which could match the depth of horrendous evil and address issues of such seriousness. Evangelicalism, now much absorbed by the arts and tricks of marketing, is simply not very serious anymore.”

That is well said. As calamity after calamity falls upon us (Tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.), thousands of pastors feel the need to be glorified stand-up comics from the pulpit. In our attempt to be ‘relevant’, the Church is becoming more and more irrelevant every day.

Longing for a Gospel witness that shines bright in the face of terrorists and Tsunamis,




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