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Politics and the Christian September 19, 2006

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


So this has been a slow day for us huh? Maybe because we did too much talking face to face! I guess that means we need to stop that. Well, I am headed out once again tomorrow, so we’ll be back to our old selves (Lord willing). Well, because it is a slow day, I figured I would share a few thoughts from some reading I have been doing lately.

As you know, I am taking a distance course from PSU, Comm 403 Mass Media Law. It is interesting–not as interesting as theology–but interesting nonetheless. I won’t go into detail, but we have to do a good bit of reading for the course (as always in school). One aspect of our reading is the reading of court cases that involve freedom of the press or free speech in general. One of the cases I read involved a “Christian” young man who went to school with a T-shirt that pointed out the shamefulness of homosexuality. Long story short, it was what the school called “A Day of Silence” one that was supposed to teach tolerance for those of another sexual orientation.

Well, this student felt that the mere presence of this day was wrong– that is was designed to show their acceptance of homosexual practices. I won’t go into detail as to whether or not he was right or wrong. In this instance, it didn’t seem to be the administrators motives, but I can understand where he is coming wrong. Apparently, they had had some difficulties, fights, harsh words, etc. between students, so they chose to embrace this day to cultivate some ‘unity’ or something. I don’t know fully, but it is definitely my opinion that it wasn’t the greatest move. I have to think you could come up with some better ways to solve that problem. I would start by inviting a Christian preacher in to preach the gospel–to both the homosexuals and the arrogant “Christians” who were making fun of them (that is, to everyone b/c we all need it!).

Anyhow, this kid goes to school with a shirt that says, “Be ashamed: our school has embraced what God has condemned” on the front and “Homosexuality is shameful, Rom 1:27” on the back. Interesting for sure. I don’t picture Jesus wearing it, but he wore it and would probably call himself a Christian. Well, the administrators did all they could to get the kid to take it off. He refused and chose to sit in the office for the day. Obviously, the prinicipal and others were concerned with some responses to such a shirt. Well, the kid and his parents sue and the school and some Christian attorneys come to his aid. The court battle goes on and ends up deciding in favor with the school. I think it was a good decision.

But here is what struck me and fired me up a bit: this is not an isolated incident. This is how thousands (millions?) of Christians approach politics. They think they have to ‘fight for their rights’. But I ask, what were they fighting for here, but the right to wear an offensive shirt? We are a sad sight. There is a reason we resort to political ambitions and court battles (which are fine in their proper context). I think in the end it is because we are so spiritually weak. The church lacks power. We lack influence, so we try to gain it the world’s way, with the world’s means. Of course, this is not to say that we shouldn’t fight political or social battles. It is simply to say that these should come second. The reality is it doesn’t matter how many court cases we win or lose, if the salt loses its saltiness, how will it be restored?

I could go on Lar (and there is much more to say about this case), but we need to think about this stuff. How are we to engage the culture of our day. In a thousand ways, no doubt, but first and foremost, let us remember that if we give more time to the culture and less time to God, we don’t serve anyone well. Our first and foremost responsibility as Christians–for ourselves and the world–is to love and live for God. It is to so walk with Christ that homosexuals and other sinners are attracted to Him. O might the Lord make us salty and bright again.

Think about it Lar, what if that kid, instead of walking in with an offensive shirt, chose the path of love, of service, of sacrifice just like our Savior? What if just one would do it in such a school? No court case is needed. The sacrificial love of Jesus is attractive to all. Rights? Let’s learn to set aside our so called rights. Let’s learn to die to self so that we might live and lead others to Jesus. May the Lord send His Spirit soon to humble His church and show the world His beauty!

Seeking the death that brings true life,




1. Re - September 20, 2006

If I could remove the court from this for a second and expound on the whole idea of having a “silent” day…what a wonderful “witinessing” day and great “encouragment” day it could have been to have witnessed the ability to read the Word even louder! Silence is a beautiful thing, engulfed in the scriptures, when the praise of your heart is all the noise you can hear! I am sorry but NO ONE could have miss that…no words (or t-shirts) needed! To God be the Glory!

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