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Meditations from Sam Storms October 2, 2006

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Yes I certainly can take responsibility for letting the Blog Nation down for the last week or two. I have not been getting the job done, but I do think things will pick up a bit more in the near future. I wanted to alert our readers (and by the response from my poll a couple of weeks ago, there aren’t many of you!) of a service from the ministry of Sam Storms that may be of profit. Sam is a solid theologian who comes from a Charismatic background and has a passion to unite the affection and fervency of the Charismatic movement with a commitment to sound doctrine and accurate thinking about Jesus. I got this email today from Sam (and Joe you probably got it too):

New Series in Revelation 2-3
Sam Storms

Dear Friends,

It’s been over a week now since I concluded my series of meditations on the book of Colossians and I’m beginning to experience withdrawal pains! I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve turned those studies into a book and that, Lord willing, it will be published next year under the title, “The Hope of Glory: One Hundred Meditations on Paul’s Letter to the Colossians.”


After much prayer, I’ve decided to begin a new series of similar meditations based on the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation 2-3. This series will probably begin next Monday, October 9th.


If you are so inclined I would greatly appreciate your alerting those in your address book to my e-mail service. They can sign up easily at my website (www.SamStorms.com) by clicking on the InJesus logo on the left side of the Home page. Or you can simply send me their e-mail addresses and I’ll sign them up.


I hope you will enjoy and profit from these studies as much as I plan on enjoying preparing them. God bless you all,


Posting this on the blog is my way of fulfilling Sam’s request to get the word out concerning his reflections. Since some of our readers are, like us, in the midst of a series at church on the book of Revelation, I thought Sam’s meditations on the seven letters to the churches might be of interest. Check out his website and if you are interested in getting on his email list, you can do so there.

Seeking Him with you,




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