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Tozer on Preparation November 10, 2006

Posted by Joe in Quotes.

“The whole Bible and all past history unite to teach that battles are always won before the armies take the field. The critical moment for any army is not the day it engages the foe in actual combat; it is the day before or the month before or the year before….

It did not take Moses long to lead the children of Israel out through the Red Sea to deliverance and freedom; but his fittedness to lead them out was the result of years of hard discipline. It took David only a few minutes to dispose of Goliath; but he had beaten the giant long before in the person of the lion and the bear….

Preparation is vital. Let this be noted by everyone. We can seek God today and get prepared to meet temptation tomorrow; but if we meet the enemy without first having met God, the outcome is not conjectural; the issue is already decided. We can only lose.”

As I have alluded to before, the book of Proverbs seems to support this well also!  I know the Lord has been hitting me with this truth lately a lot.  “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied” (Proverbs 13:4).  Pray for me.  I need grace.

Longing to be diligent in order to magnify the Savior,




1. chaplainandrews - November 10, 2006

Some say that “combat is a year of boredum and fifteen minutes of shear terror”–the same is true for the Christian walk. I thought of this when I read your post.

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