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Random Musings on the Growing Blog Nation and Al Mohler’s Blog November 14, 2006

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.


Thanks for your recent words on vanity. It is a struggle for us all I suppose. I mean, we are all fallen human beings right? It is weird though, because I do think we have some worthwhile things to say (or at the very least link to!). I know I am encouraged by your words. And I know that I am encouraged writing many of my words. Just getting them out of my heart is sometimes the greatest reward. Many times I sit down and really don’t know what is going to come out. And when things start to come together…that is pretty cool. It is my experience that I don’t really know what I know until I am forced to write it down. So this blog has been a blessing to me.

Where I was going with all of this, however, was the simple conviction that if we do have something worthwhile to say (or again, at least link to!), we should be honest enough and humble enough to unashamedly point people to read it right? I mean, being humble doesn’t mean you think all bad thoughts about everything you are and everything you have to say. Humility is found when you see clearly–both your strengths and weaknesses. It is sad that many get this confused and think that the dude who is self-effacing externally (and inside insecure and arrogant) is O so humble. I was that dude once (and suppose I am now and again now). I find it amazing that people were more prone to think I was humble then than they are to think I am humble now. In our current culture, security and strength of conviction are many times thought to be arrogant. So sad. For how can we grow in humility if we don’t know that in which it consists? We should beware and ask the Lord for the grace to be secure and humble (and the two go hand in hand). That’s a little rambling, but if no one else knows where I am going with all that, you probably do (along with maybe a few others who know me quite well).

Well, with all that being said, here’s a link to one of Al Mohler’s posts regarding the recent outlawing of the game ‘tag’ among youngsters in a New England school. This, actually was the main point of my post until I started writing those two paragraphs. Like I said, I never know what is going to come out! Anyhow, what is the world coming to when kids can’t play tag at school? Amazing. On the whole, I think his blog is worth having in the right Blogroll don’t you think? He is quite insightful on most topics (and he does cover a lot of topics). You might find me linking to him more in the coming weeks (and years if the Lord grants me breath). Alright, enough random musings for now. I’ll catch you later bro.

Seeking Him with you,



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