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Weekend Recommendation November 18, 2006

Posted by Joe in Recommendations.


Good link to Driscoll. I’m not sure what people were concerned about in his initial post, but either way, his response was encouraging. Maybe those who are zealous for holiness in pastors are bound to take heat from those who don’t feel the great need and burden and urgency. I do think Driscoll feels it. Anyhow, I wanted to offer a weekend recommendation for a book I have just started and plan to finish very soon.

godatwork.jpgPlease thank Michelle for dropping it off to me, namely, God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. I can already tell I am going to be recommending it to everyone (and maybe even imposing my will to make people read it!). Here’s what the back of the book says.

“When you understand it properly, the doctrine of vocation–‘doing everything for God’s glory’–is not a platitude or outdated notion. This principle that we vaguely apply to our lives and our work is actually the key to Christian ethics, to influencing our culture for Christ, and to infusing our ordinary, everyday lives with the presence of God. For when we realize that the ‘mundane’ activities that consume most of our time are ‘God’s hiding-places,’ our perspective changes.

Culture expert Gene Veith unpacks the biblical, Reformation teaching about hte doctrine of vocation, emphasizing not what we should specifically do with our time or what careers we are called to, but what God does in and through our callings–even within the home. In each task He has given us –in our workplaces and families, our churches and society–God Himself is at work. Veith guides you to discover God’s purpose and calling in those seemingly ordinary areas by providing you with a spiritual framework for thinking about such issues and for acting upon them with a changed perspective.”

Who doesn’t need help appreciating and enjoying God in the ‘mundane’ or in the whole of life? I for one definitely need more grace and sense the Lord will grant much through this book. I encourage anyone to join me. I am confident that it will be well worth your time. Until later….

Seeking to honor the Lord in all things (and needing much grace to do it!),




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