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A Prophetic Word November 29, 2006

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.


I am hesitant to post after your last word, because I know how much everyone needs to hear that! The call to love Christ is sadly, so many times assumed that we forget all about its centrality and fail to experience it ourselves. The simple conviction behind much of Seek Him Ministries is simply that we cannot give what we do not possess ourselves. Sadly, too often we find Christians running around doing a thousand different religious things, with no real love for God, with no real passion for His Person. Many, in fact, might not be saved to begin with–which, of course, points to another problem relating to our understanding of the gospel and most importantly, what the Lord does in our lives when Christ is truly received.

I could say more, but the reason I have been a bit delayed in posting this morning is because I just viewed a message by a man named Paul Washer. I’m not sure if you have heard of him or not, but a mutual friend and brother of ours (thank you to Anthony) send me the link to this sermon. It is prophetic and another aspect of what I long to see Seek Him Ministries be about. Paul was speaking at a youth event. You can sense his burden for those to whom he spoke. He stood up and preached like one should preach, unashamed and accurate. His call is one that we all need to hear. And most importantly, his heart is one that we all need to have.

The message itself is an hour long. I don’t point people to listen to too many messages, but this is one that I would encourage everyone not simply to listen to, but to view. You need to see him weep in prayer. You need to see the heart from which this difficult (and prophetic) message was delivered. He is a burdened man. And O how we need more burdened preachers! May the Lord, in His mercy, make us such men and raise up many more!

Let me know your thoughts. No one will regret the hour. May the Lord grant us the mercy to receive such a message and repent for the ‘Christianity’ now in vogue. And may He send His Spirit to revive us again!

Longing for an outpouring from above,




1. paul - December 1, 2006

I’m so glad you were able to hear this message by Paul Washer,its one of the most powerful sermons i’ve heard and completely humbled me.

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