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Searching for Christ by Searching the Scriptures December 8, 2006

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings, Recommendations.


I just want to say that your exhortation to read, re-read, then print out the last article you linked to is by no means an exaggeration! I wholeheartedly agree and want to exhort us all to the same. We are wise to listen to the author’s final exhortation,

Let us meditate long upon this blessed consummation [and all else that was said previously in the article], the likes of which “eye has not seen, nor ear heard” (I Corinthians 2:9). For as we look upon these unseen things, which do testify and proclaim to us Christ, whom, “having not seen, we love” (I Peter 1:8), only then will our inner man be renewed day by day (I Corinthians 4:16-18), until we find ourselves perfectly redeemed, to the glory of our Savior, in our final resting place, the heavenly kingdom of Christ.

As I was reading that short article I was thinking, “We can’t ever hear this enough!” And the reality is, I don’t think we will ever hear this enough. The Lord creating, sustaining, ordaining, and consummating all things through Jesus Christ is something that should never bore us. Indeed, when we read articles like that, I think it would be wise for us to read slowly and think much. Turn away from the ‘page’ now and again to let your mind wander on the realities that you have just been pointed to. In short, meditate upon such truth until your heart begins to soar. Beware of making the reading of such articles a mere intellectual exercise! Read with a view towards firing up the affections of the heart! Think with a view towards feeling.

Nothing should make us more excited than the realities concerning what God has done for us through Jesus. So we need to ask ourselves, how excited are we really? And if we are not, what is keeping us from reading such an article and exploding with joy? Are we drowning in the mundane, shallow, sinful priorities and messages of our present culture? Have we disciplined ourselves for the purpose of godliness? What do we spend more time thinking of: Jesus or ourselves?

May the Lord grant us mercy to keep our eyes fixed on Christ! I think we should be all well aware that we are quite boring. My experience has been that the more time I spend boaring into myself, the more frustrated I become. Yet the more time I spend looking away to Christ, the greater my joy becomes. And by looking away to Christ, I think it must be stated that I do not mean simply reading a book about His attributes (as important as that is). The greatest thing we can do to appreciate and admire the Lord Jesus is to understand the Bible–to really comprehend in some measure the glorious plan of our Sovereign God, and how that plans centers and is fulfilled through His Sovereign Son.

Incidentally, that is why a greater understanding of Biblical Theology is so sorely needed today (and everyday!). If we don’t understand the overall story of the Scripture, we cannot really appreciate the gospel and particularly, the One whom the gospel points us to–Jesus Christ. If you are interested in reading some more about the plan of God in history, check here and here.

Alright, enough for now. Let us exalt in the worth and beauty of our Savior. And let us continue to search out His riches as we search out all that is revealed about Him through the Holy Scriptures. May the Lord grant us much grace as we seek Him!

Seeking Him with you,




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