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Seek Him Weekly Word December 11, 2006

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.


I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that we now officially have a ‘Weekly Word’ at Seek Him Ministries. I will be writing most of them, but I trust you also will be writing one once in awhile (as we have spoken of). So to put it simply, if you want to read anything more of what I (we) have to say, please sign up for our e-Weekly Word at www.seekhim.org. The sign up is on the front page.

The way it works is that whoever signs up will receive an email either Monday or Tuesday of each week with, Lord willing, a word to encourage the soul. I pray it will be a blessing. I am confident it will be a blessing to me to have to write something extended each week. Pray for me brother (and anyone else who would be so inclined), that the Lord might fill up my mind and heart in such a way that I might write something each week that in turn, would stir up others to a greater pursuit of His Person. That is what we are all about. What might God do with a people who wholeheartedly pursue His Person? O I pray that He might raise up such men and women (young and old) to such a passionate pursuit! And I pray that He would use weak men like ourselves to bring about such a glorious end. For as we know, those who seek Him, find Him. And those who find Him cannot help but love and delight in the glorious riches of His Person. And those who love and delight in the glorious riches of His Person cannot help but powerfully make His name known!

O Lord, grant us mercy through Your Son! Stir us up to wholeheartedly seek Him!

Seeking Him with you,


p.s. the first e-weekly word will be sent out this Wednesday. So sign up quick!



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