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Heavenly Worship December 14, 2006

Posted by Joe in Random Musings, Scripture Meditation.


Interesting article you linked to on the last post.  I am questioning your use of the word ‘subtle’ though.  The idolatry seems pretty plain to me!  I will say that the stadium looks pretty amazing.  I was just thinking how perfect it would be for a hundred thousand (or more) on fire believers to gather together in worship of the Savior.  Now that is worth buying a ticket for!  I would encourage everyone to take a moment to try to imagine such a scene.  Think of the energy and passion and Presence!  Remember, we are talking about a gathering of people who are ‘on fire’ for Jesus, meaning, they love Him and are in pursuit of His Presence.  Such a gathering would produce a power and ‘electricity’ of sorts that would or should make the greatest of football games pale in comparison.  Imagine it.  Think of it.  Pretend to be there.

Now think about that final day when myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands of both angelic hosts and glorified human beings gather together to worship the Lord.  Imagine it.  Take a few moments to place yourself there. Think about the unified song of every tongue, tribe, language, and nation.  You will barely be able to hear yourself sing.  Indeed, you might not want to.  You might just want to silence yourself and bask in the blessing of hearing the saints wholeheartedly (yes, wholeheartedly, for we are glorified!) and perfectly praise the Lord.  The greatest choir or greatest gathering on earth is like a match to a bonfire compared to this great gathering.  We won’t want to leave.  We won’t want to stop.  Our hearts will most naturally overflow in heavenly song.

If you don’t long for that day, then you don’t understand that day.  Or you are too caught up in the present world to appreciate that day.  Or, sadly, you have not yet received a taste of that day in your worship with the gathered saints.  All these reasons are valid (and of course there are more), but the last one might be the saddest of all.  For our worship together is meant to be a foretaste of future glory.  We are supposed to gather with hearts united in pursuit of the Lord.  Everything else is supposed to be set aside as together we seek Him.  Imperfect it might be, but if each of our hearts are individually set upon our God, fire will come.  His Presence will be felt.  Perfect heavenly worship will be longed for.

Revelation 5 is a good read (considering it’s a part of the Bible!).  Let’s take some time to meditate upon it.  Let’s put it before our mind’s eye until we begin to feel greater longings for glory.  Let’s set all else aside for a time, so that when we gather together, we might taste just a bit of that worship for which our hearts long.

Longing for that final, perfect Day,




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