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God-Centered Breakfast December 22, 2006

Posted by larrylaz in Links, Random Musings.


A couple of years ago I read a short devotional by John Piper about how to drink orange juice to the glory of God. Well, I thought of that one the other night as I was preparing to go to sleep. I was in bed reading, and Michelle had already gone to sleep (which is the case just about every night!). She had been asleep for a few minutes when I heard her say, “Thank God for Captain Crunch!” We had bought a box of Captain Crunch a few days earlier, but this seemed like a crazy thing to say in your sleep! I responded with a befuddled, “What?” And she answered very simply, “It’s good!”

Mark Noll, writing about Jonathan Edwards, once said this:

“Edwards’ piety continued on in the revivalist tradition, his theology continued on in academic Calvinism, but there were no successors to his God-entranced world view…”

Not that I am trying to elevate her to the place of “successor” to Edwards’ enthrallment with the glory of God, but many thanks to my wife for showing me how to be God-entranced, even about Captain Crunch (in her sleep, no less)!

Seeking to be God-centered in all things (even cereal),




1. Michelle - December 22, 2006

I would just like to add that because of morning sickness, even the thought of my usual favorite–Honey Nut Cheerios–made me nauseous. So that day, we went to ShopRite and searched the cereal aisle high and low until I found a box that looked appetizing! I had never tasted Captain Crunch but I thought I’d give it a try. I think I was really just so thrilled to find a cereal that would stay in my stomach that I guess I was bursting forth in praise to God even in my sleep! :o)

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