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What more can be said? December 23, 2006

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


Thanks for keeping things rolling today brother.  It was a travel day for us and a good one.  So in response to your last post, I was thinking that we should just stop blogging altogether!  Let’s just keep that quote at the top of this blog, for I do not think that we can hear such glory enough.  We are wise to meditate on such reality–to take each word and line and think about them until they are exhausted.  Indeed, to think about them until they become a reality in our hearts.  I need them to be real in me brother!  I need to feel their depths and fall to my knees in thanksgiving!

It is striking me more and more how vital it is (indeed, how necessary it is) for us to think upon such truth until we really get it.  It’s hard work.  I tend to just read through your last post at a somewhat normal speed.  Sure, there is a little wonder, but not much.  When the awe and reverence begin to rise, I simply keep reading.  I am too slow to think and pray and too quick to blog!  Although writing, as you know, is a wonderful way to meditate.  And maybe that is the point this post is supposed to make…

Writing out our thoughts is a wonderful way to meditate on the glories of Bible truth.  That’s the way I normally go each morning.  My experience is that I don’t really ‘get’ anything until I am able to express it.  That’s why I talk so much don’t you know?  But seriously, meditation involves a talking to oneself either vocally (which I do recommend as well) or through the written word.  In my experience, both are effective.

I think there is a certain sense in which we should all be ‘preachers.’  Not from the pulpit of course, but to our own souls and in our own closets.  In your experience, you know that preaching heightens your affections for a particular truth, that it serves as a means to make things real to your own heart.  So why don’t we all practice it in our little closets?  In our time alone, why not preach to and for our own souls?  Are we concerned that the Lord won’t think we are very good?   Well, let’s throw that excuse out the window, because the reality is that none of us are very good!  You know what I mean by that.  The Lord commends and blesses our efforts, yes, but let us recognize that the greatest preacher is nothing compared with the God-Man who preached that great Sermon on the Mount!  Let’s declare the truth we read about each morning for our own souls!  Let’s hold nothing back.  Write it down.  Say it aloud.  Do what you must in order to get it!  Labor to move the truth of God’s Word from your head to your heart!

Alright, that’s enough for now Lar.  Pray that the Lord might grant me the grace to embrace and live my own advice!  Lord knows, I need much grace (and so do you).  Also, one final thing….I wrote more about this topic in this week’s Seek Him Weekly Word (It’s on the top right of the front page).  That’s why it is so close to my heart I am sure.

Laboring to grow in the knowledge of His great Person,




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