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Piper Quote December 26, 2006

Posted by Joe in Quotes.


Thanks for the Christmas quotes yesterday.  I just took the day off, sort of by default I suppose.  It’s been our first Christmas at home–a definite joy, but also quite tiring!  Anyhow, before responding to your last post, I wanted to share this quote regarding our relationship to those in authority over us, particularly when we should disobey.  Piper writes,

We are people of the cross.  Our Lord submitted to crucifixion willingly to save his enemies.  We owe our eternal life to him.  We are forgiven sinners.  This takes the swagger out of our protest.  It takes the arrogance out of our resistance.  And if, after every other means has failed, we must disobey for the sake of love and justice, we will first remove the log from our own eye, which will cause enough pain and tears to soften our indignation into a humble, quiet, but unshakable no.  The greatest battle we face is not overcoming unjust laws, but becoming this kind of people. 

That last line is an important and insightful one I believe.  O might the Lord grant us the broken hearts we need to bear faithful and fruitful witness to the evils of our day!  Let’s seek Him until He grants such godly burdens.

Seeking to become a broken-hearted dude,




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