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Alarming Statistic of the Day January 8, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Random Musings.


This post is in response to your last one on the importance of discipline when it comes to reading. The Alarming Statistic of the Day is…


That is how many books are on my book case right now with bookmarks in them — meaning they are books that I have started and read a portion of, but never finished. What an awful lack of discipline that is! I can almost hear your rebuke from Spain.

And of course this alarming statistic is brought to you because of poor discipline. I get convicted that I need to read about something. So I pick up a book and begin, but then a week or two goes by and I want to get into something else. So I pick up that one, and the first one gets left behind. Apparently that has happened at least 20 times over the past few years. Otherwise I’d have a lot more bookmarks!

I must have a better plan if I am to make good use of my reading time. I started last week to re-read Edwards’ The End for which God Created the World. Obviously this one can’t be read quickly. So what I have chosen to do is just read 2 paragraphs per day…and rewrite every paragraph in my own words, trying to paraphrase Edwards’ thought. It makes reading two paragraphs about a twenty minute ordeal, but it is helping me to master Edwards’ thinking. And surely if there’s one thing I’d like to get into Edwards’ mind about, it is his biblical understanding of the mighty passion which God has for His own glory!

As I’ve been doing it over the past few days, it has shown me that it is of immense value to find some especially difficult author (say Edwards or John Owen or, better yet, the writer of Hebrews) and actually rewrite his book in your own words. What do you think? It is helping to really get something out of my reading. Otherwise I am likely to read a bunch and within 24 hours (or maybe 24 minutes) forget entirely what I have read.

Well this has been as random as a “random musing” can get. Pray for me, brother. I am in need of discipline to make my reading times most profitable for my soul and most honoring to the Savior.

Seeking Him with you,




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