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Disciplining the Body January 9, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


This is a quick blog post for the day, b/c otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to post anything today. The Lord is working on me brother. I mentioned the book yesterday by Willard (The Spirit of the Disciplines). He has primary been using this, and in a big-time way.

One example, which you will surely like, is in my attitude and thus, my actions in practice. You know full well that I have never been a practice guy. Just get me in the game or let me stay after and work hard and I am cool. Put some people in the seats, get the scoreboard going, etc. etc. But this book has convicted me of my need to honor the Lord each day in practice. And even more, to train my body for greatness in the games.

I gave the short analogy yesterday about training for the ‘games’ of life and in this instance, it is the real thing, not simply an analogy. However, it still fits very well. What I have realized is that my attitude towards practice has always been quite negative (as you could tell by my facetious comments above!). I would rather be some place else, so as a result, my body hurt a little worse and I felt a little more lazy. But my O my what a change of mindset can do! The mind is much more powerful than we know, and when we begin to take control of our ‘inner conversation’ miracles occur.

Of course, I count all this an answer to prayer—as I and others have been praying about. (So please keep praying about it brother!). However, when the time comes, I have to make the call. I have to change my mind even though the knees might be sore, or I would rather keep reading The Spirit of the Disciplines. Whatever it is, I am where the Lord has called me to be and I am preparing for greatness in the game. So suck it up body and do what you must do! Go hard, get better. Be great here and now so that you can be great when it counts!

That’s part of that inner conversation of course, but it holds true for the whole of our lives. I am realizing more and more how incredibly undisciplined we are as a people—particularly as a church. Our culture surely plays a big part in all of this, but that is no excuse. When we look to the way of Jesus Christ, if we really do follow Him, we need to learn how to fight the fight of faith by changing our mental and physical habits. It’s tough stuff, but the Lord will grant the grace as we seek Him!

Catch you soon brother, Lord willing.

Fighting to be like Jesus with you,




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