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God’s Happiness and Ours January 15, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Quotes.

We’ve had a couple of lengthy posts today, so I thought I would put up a quote to give a little breather. However this quotes is so rich and profound that it will not be much of a breather! In fact, it will take a lifetime to explore this one. And I would encourage all who would read this not merely to accept this quote as if Jonathan Edwards is some authority beyond the Bible. Rather, let the reader search these things out in God’s holy Word to see if it is so. I believe it is, and it has made such a remarkable impression on me. I hope it will be a blessing to others as well:

God in seeking his glory, seeks the good of his creatures; because the emanation of his glory (which he seeks and delights in, as he delights in himself and his own eternal glory) implies the communicated excellency and happiness of his creatures. And in communicating his fullness for them, he does it for himself; because their good, which he seeks, is so much in union and communion with himself. God is their good. Their excellency and happiness is nothing, but the emanation and expression of God’s glory: God, in seeking their glory and happiness, seeks himself: and in seeking himself, i.e. himself diffused and expressed, (which he delights in, as he delights in his own beauty and fullness,) he seeks their glory and happiness.

It would help to read these words in their context, and Edwards’ book from which this is taken, The End for Which God Created the World, can be read on the internet free of charge. If you choose to read it, be prepared to have your mind stretched!

Grateful that God is supremely commited to seeking Himself,




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