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Missing Out! January 22, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.

Lar my brother!

What’s  up with all the discussion going on at the Seeking Him Blog?  Amazing and I love it.  I have yet to get through it all (again, my time is limited here), but I am liking it.  Surely it is due to your thought provoking posts brother.  I appreciate it.  And then you end up on Bob Kauflin’s blog!  My O my, the things that take place when you are without the Internet for a few weeks!

I am fearing that I might lose my spot on this blog.  Well, actually I’m not, since it was my idea and I am sure you won’t mind my long-winded posts appearing once again!   They definitely will take the pressure off.  Anyhow, we are still without the Internet and praying for it soon (please join us yes), but it has been a fruitful time as I have mentioned before.  It is something how the best way to find out ‘how’ to use a particular resource is to step away from it for a time.

I think this proves true in almost all of our lives.  We actually have to step away from a certain ‘thing’ in order to properly see and plan what kind of place it should have in our lives.  Isn’t this one aspect of fasting?  I think so.  We don’t realize the hold food has on us until we go without it for a time.  Or television or computer or whatever.  So again, this has been a beneficial time, a ‘planning’ time of sorts that I trust will bear fruit in times to come.  And hopefully in blog posts to come!

So I missed all this discussion on worship huh?  I’m not caught up well enough to comment, but I did peruse through Bob Kauflin’s discerning post in answer to your question and was thankful for it.  I guess the simple point I would make (and maybe it has already been made), would best be made by a question:  When we search down deepest into our hearts, the inner reaches of our being, can we honestly say that we desire the Lord above all else?  I know this doesn’t solve it, of course, but I think there is a lot to be said about tapping into the inner resources of our hearts to find out what the foundational conviction really is.  And for the Christian, it should be the Lord!

Of course, I wake up everyday just wanting to stay in bed and waste my life, but in those moments, I have to tap into my inner reaches and realize that I have a primary allegiance that needs to be tapped into and lived according to.  Then I can sing those song lyrics with joy, b/c deep down they are true.  Even if I don’t feel it in the moment.

You guys probably already spoke about it, but it’s good for me to get that out of my head anyhow as always.  Alright, I have to roll for now.  My goal for the rest of the week is 2-3 posts.  And you know that they won’t be too short!  Although I do have to take notice that you now have the record for the longest post ever on this blog.  I’ll have to come up with a little somethin somethin in response to that.  I’m sure I have some 10 page document in my archives that I could throw on the blog, just to get back on top.  But I suppose I’ll spare everyone that!   Alright, miss you and love you brother.

Seeking His face with you,


p.s. one other thought concerning worship.  There might be many who when they ask themselves that ‘root’ question, come up with a negative.  Deep down, they don’t desire God above all else.  It’s good to know, don’t you think?  Many might not be Christians.  Others might not really know those inner reaches.  No easy answer for sure, but that is the kind of question that everyone needs to ask once in a while.  Alright, peace for real.



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