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A Wasted Word January 23, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Links.

The word “evangelical” has, in my opinion, become a complete waste. A recent USA Today article poses the question of whether the word “evangelical” can be saved. My vote is a resounding no! Not when the facts tell us this:

“Although 38% of Americans call themselves evangelical, only 9% actually agree with key evangelical beliefs, says research firm the Barna Group. In a surveys of 4,014 adults nationwide, conducted over four months in 2006, “one out of every four self-identified evangelicals has not even accepted Christ as their savior,” says George Barna.”

That, friends, makes “evangelical” a meaningless word.

What do those out in Blog Nation have to say about this?




1. mike - January 24, 2007

I agree it is a meaningless word. It is a word that now carries more political meaning than anything else. You know what, it is our (evangelicals) fault. We have become more concerned with making the world a more moral place and less concerned about the gospel. Don’t get me wrong i think it is important to be involved in social and political issues, but we must make our involvement be through the power of the cross at all times.

2. larrylaz - January 24, 2007

I couldn’t agree with you more, Mike. It’s not a healthy thing when evangelicals are known more for their opposition to stem-cell research and gay marriage than for the glorious gospel of Christ crucified and risen.


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