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Let’s Get This Fiesta Started! January 24, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.

Because we are back on-line at mi casa mi hermano (that is, ‘my house my brother’ in case you didn’t know)!  I am excited as you can tell by the two exclamation points in the first two sentences.  Now, I realize that you have been having quite a blog ‘party’ without me these two weeks, but I do hope I can add a little something to the mix.  Though I still can’t believe that I missed the first explosion of comment conversation, I trust there will be more in the days and years ahead.  Of course, maybe it was necessary for me to get away in order to get that conversation going, considering I have a tendency to talk so much.  But hey, this is the Internet here.  You can’t stifle conversation here can you?

Anyhow, I just mentioned to Erin the feeling that I received when I knew that we were back on-line in our house.  It was pretty interesting in my opinion, because it was almost immediately that I felt something of a ‘connectedness.’  And I suppose this is one of the things that the Internet serves to do–to connect.  However, I found it interesting that the sense was immediate.  Of course, I’m not overly concerned with being connected to the world, but to those I am closest to and, of course, Blog Nation.  And that was really my focus here.  Being in a foreign land without the Internet really is a blessing for a season, b/c it is something of a wilderness experience.  And Lord knows, each of us need more of those now and again.  The Lord teaches us a great deal when we get away from the daily mix of things.  So this time has been a blessing.

One other thought connected to that concerned the ‘big picture view’ of the Internet in relation to connectedness.  Twenty years ago, who would have thought of such a thing?  Who would have imagined, not to mention, assumed (as I do now), that I could be in semi-consistent contact with those closest to me half-way across the world?  And of course, I am not the only one, but my point here is simply that because the Lord is the Lord over the Internet, we can be sure that He is doing some sort of connecting work.  And as I have mentioned before, as Christians, we are wise to do our best to discern how we might use such technology to make known His greatness throughout the four corners of the globe.  Much could be said, but that is enough for now.

So Lar, let’s ‘roll’ once again brother.  I am looking forward to it.  As you said before, now this blog can serve one of the reasons that we started it.  Your monologue has been great, I am sure, and ministered to many, but as the wise old preacher said, two are better than one!

Catch you soon, brother (if the Lord gives me breath and sustains our connection!),




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