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I’m Back for Good (if the Lord wills) January 26, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.

Yo brother,

Sorry about missing you yesterday and this morning (for you), but for some reason our telephone and Internet were non-existent since early yesterday morning. It was an interesting turn of events, as you might imagine. We were excited to get things back in order and in contact with everyone, but then we find out that for whatever strange reason, there was a central communication issue that led our line to be cut. No matter the horizontal reason, I trust there were some good vertical ones that I one will day learn of in Heaven.

At the very least, I thought it to be a situation that highlights the importance of saying that phrase, Lord willing, or ‘if the Lord wills.’ I use it quite often, but I’m not sure that I used it in my last post. But isn’t it O so true! How often we take for granted a certain situation or circumstance (either present of future) that never comes to pass. Or at least doesn’t come to pass to the degree that we might like.

Also, it is worth noting the way that the Lord will many times grant a blessing for a season only to take it away at another time. Or take it right away for a season. It’s as if He gives us a taste of a certain blessing at the front, then takes it away, so that we will fully appreciate and enjoy it down the road when it returns. I have seen this time and again in my life, from the little things to the big things. And I believe it proves true in all of our lives. And if we haven’t seen it yet, maybe this post will help shine some light on either a past or future circumstances. The Lord isn’t interested in simply granting blessings for blessings sake. Instead, He grants blessings with a view to having them appreciated and enjoyed in such a way that He is honored.

Often, this means He will grant a taste of the blessing, then take it away, only to give it again. Why? For our good and His glory–so jealous is He for the two! If nothing else, we can know for certain that our sovereign God delights to work for His people in such a way that He aims to bring utmost satisfaction in His Son. And He does this through both the big things and the small things. There is nothing outside His sovereign control. The death of a sparrow or the coming and going of an Internet connection. Nothing takes Him off guard. Nothing happens without a purpose and a plan. There is such comfort and joy in this truth!

Also, one more thing is worth noting: I find it interesting and awe-inspiring that the Lord tends to do a great work through the little inconveniences of life. I think we miss Him here quite often. Sure, it is wise to talk about learning from God and drawing closer to God during the difficult seasons of life, but what about when your little girl pees her pants (which literally just occurred and interrupted this post!)? Or when you lose the Internet you just got? Or when your AC is down? Or when someone stops by at the most invonvenient moment? Etc. Etc. How we respond in these unexpected moments speaks volumes about where we really are with the Lord. For such moments, I am very thankful and thus, rejoice. The Lord is working on us in a thousand different, and perfectly wise ways. Most of the time, we don’t even know He is working–and that makes it all the more glorious!

Alright, enough for now brother. Lord willing, I am back on line for good, with many more posts coming!

Beholding His glory and grace in the details and inconveniences of life with you,


p.s. I wrote most of this post before catching up with the past few days posts.  Incidentally, I think much of it fits perfectly with your last post re: gratitude.  The presence of thanksgiving–continual thanksgiving that is–is an incredible deterrent to poor and sinful responses to the inconveniences of life (which are of course, the Lord’s good and providential will).  Nothing brings peace like thanksgiving.  It is quite possibly the best way to fight when we begin to feel ourselves a bit out of sort.  So with all that being said, Amen to your last post brother.  Let us rejoice in His good graces and gifts, being thankful always in obedience to His word!



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