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Cultural Engagement February 2, 2007

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.


Thanks for the quote by John Bunyan.  I have seen that one before, but I suppose I can’t see it enough.  What a joy it is to live under the New Covenant, in union with our Redeemer!  Let us rejoice in hope and live as we ought as chosen children of God!

With that ‘living as we ought’ in mind, I wanted to make another short post regarding cultural engagement.  Don’t worry, I don’t think I have it in me today to overload Blog Nation with a long musing (well, actually, do I ever have it in me?)  However, I was thinking about the need for us as Christians to have a solid theology of cultural engagement.  For the sad reality is that it is probably greatly lacking in our own lives and in most Christian circles.  Somehow, we have been led to believe that redemption through Christ applies only to our individual (or even corporate I suppose) standing before God.  Sadly, we have unknowingly limited the extent of Christ’s redemption.

What I mean is that Jesus did not come merely to save souls, but to redeem a fallen humanity and earth.   What I mean by that is that the redemption that was wrought in Christ Jesus is cosmic in scope!  And not simply in that the heavenly hosts rejoice at His work of redemption through the church, but that His redemption was and is meant to touch and transform every sphere of human society.  Not just church life.  That is only the start.  But the home and business and politics and technology and sports and recreation and travel and trading and everything under the sun.  For the Lord is not content to be some sort of Redeemer that is only capable of escaping some cosmic tragedy with a chosen few.  By no means!  For His redeeming His chosen (and there won’t be few mind you!) is a means through which He will transform the world and hasten the coming of His Son and thus, the New World and New World order (of which we will play a major part!)!!!!

With this in mind, we need a greater theology of cultural transformation and thus, a better understanding of what it means to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world–in every sphere of human society.  I’m not going to give it now (nor could I), but suffice it to say that we need to think and talk more about what it really means to engage our culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We retreat to our own little ‘Christian’ sub-cultures too easily and too often!  And we engage too little!  Indeed, we accept ignorance too easy.  We are desperate for renewed minds in regards to work and play.

I could say more, but with that in mind, I offer this link to a page at Desiring God by Justin Taylor:  Recommended Reading on Christian Engagement of Culture.  It’s a heavy list, but a casual peruse through its contents might unearth some life-transforming treasures!  Enough for now brother.  Lord willing, I will catch you soon.

Praying for the grace to transform the world,




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