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More on the Sabbath February 6, 2007

Posted by Joe in Links, Scripture Meditation.


Once again, I am going to stay to topic for a bit.  As I have said before, I like it.  Maybe I will try that out on the John 1 at some point.  But that definitely takes some more mental work for me I suppose.  Anyhow….here are a few more thoughts.

First, here are some reads on the Sabbath.  I figured it would be wise to place these up front in order to help our going back and forth (and comment discussion if desired).  Informed opinions are always best right?   Listed below are…

Jonathan Edwards’ The Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath

John Piper Is There a Lord’s Day?

Links at Monergism.com regarding the Sabbath.

And if you really want to dig deep, check out the few chapters John Frame has on the Fourth Commandment.  Lord willing, I will be reading that book in a few years!

Second, notice the title of Edwards’ sermon.  At least I think it was a sermon or series of sermons.  Anyhow, the perpetuity and change of the Sabbath.  Essentially, that is where I am right now.  The Sabbath is perpetual and it has changed because of the coming of Jesus Christ.  And by changed, I don’t mean simply that we aren’t supposed to treat it the same way the religious leaders of Jesus day did so.  For they were out of line no matter what epoch they lived in.  Instead, with the coming of Christ, a new kind of order and freedom was ushered in.  The Sabbath was ‘fulfilled’ in the sense that Jesus has come, but not fully, for we still look to the perfect Sabbath rest in Heaven.  Now that is where it’s at!

With that in mind, I think it is wise for us to treat the Sabbath in such a way that we are noticeably preparing for that future Sabbath rest.  Just as fasting is now different under the New Covenant because we look forward to the consumation of that which we already enjoy, so Sabbath keeping is also different in that we have not come into a full enjoyment of Sabbath rest in Christ.  This means to me that our Sabbath keeping shoud include both celebration and longing.

With all that being said, I have no problem playing ball on the Sabbath day.  In fact, I did so all last year (in Catholic Italy interestingly enough!).  But I enjoyed those Mondays as if they were Sundays.  And actually, I don’t think I focused on the Lord as well as I ought.  I enjoyed the rest, but looking back, I think I lacked the longing.  It is a fine balance and because of Christ Jesus, I don’t feel condemned.  Yet for the good of my own, Sabbath keeping seems very, very wise.

Alright Lar.  Your turn brother.  I have more, but those are my conclusions for now.  I need to do some more reading.

Enjoying the Lord of the Sabbath with you,




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