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Questions and Answers in Heaven February 20, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


As I said before, I’m glad you asked this question. It’s worth some pondering for sure. And I have done some pondering in response. Here are some thoughts.

First, because everyone has named some definite good ones, I want to give some random thoughts on a small collection of meetings I would like to have when, by God’s great grace, I arrive in heaven. Of course, these meetings must take place after I spend a few thousand years beholding the glory of God, but what’s a thousand years when you have eternity right? Surely I will be in no rush.

And since Paul will be such a busy guy (he’s at the top of my list as well), I figured I would go to a few other selections first. Who? Well, how about I start with Adam. That right….I’m going right up to our ‘federal representative’ to ask him the big question(s): What went down brother? How did the serpent really convince you and your wife that the fruit was really a good idea? Fill in the blanks for me. I mean, were you just having a bad day in the perfect Garden of Eden? What was it like? And why were you talking to a snake? And what was it like to have a perfect body? No aches and pains? I could go on and on.

So I am kidding around a bit here, but in all seriousness, I want to know. I’m not coming down on him for plunging the whole human race and universe into ruin, b/c I know I would have done the very same thing and I also know that that sin only served to set the stage for the full manifestation of our great God. I just want to know how, second to the Cross, the most significant act in all of human history occurred. Think of it Lar! One man and one woman make one bad, really, really BAD call, and the whole universe suffers! There are multiple questions that need to be asked here. I want to schedule a good week with him if possible. And it is awesome to think that such a meeting could one day occur!

Second, (and lastly b/c I am long-winded), I would like to spend some time hearing of God’s great acts from Moses. Erin mentioned Noah, so I’ll let her have him first and I’ll go to Moses. I mean, I am in Exodus right now reading his story and I can’t help but wonder what the whole story really was! There is so many blanks to fill in. We are surely not told everything here. For here we have Moses, a prince of Egypt running away and becoming a shepherd for O, just a few 40 years! Then the Lord appears to Him out of nowhere and calls Him to lead the most significant typological act in all of human history!

And even though the Lord appears to Him in a blazing bush that doesn’t burn, Moses argues with God! He doesn’t want to go! In a sense, he just wanted to remain comfortable tending his sheep. Now again, I’m not coming down on him here, b/c I know that I myself am very pathetic. I would have done the very same thing or just not had the vision at all! In all seriousness, what was this encounter like? And how did it work? Did you just walk right back to Egypt with Aaron and start letting things loose? How long did it take? What exactly occurred in these plagues? How scared were you? And then after the Lord parted the Red Sea for O, just almost 2 million of you, how frustrated were you with the people when they wanted to go back?! I just cannot imagine, can you?!

Then, what was it like to spend 40 days on the mount, seeing the heavenly temple as it were? Or to talk with God face to face? And how did you train young Joshua to take your place? On and on I could go (as usual). Indeed, on and on I probably will go. I’ll be like a little kid just firing away questions. Who knows, maybe we’ll just have someone interview him at length and blast it on the satellite tv (which we won’t mind having in heaven since the programming will be really God-entranced!). I don’t know (and I’m not just messing around here), but however it would work, I would love to sit and ask some (many!) questions.

I wouldn’t mind posting again on this sometime. See, I think it is really healthy and necessary for us to use our imaginations when we read the Scriptures. Do we do this? Do you do this? When you read a story, do you wander off for a moment or two and place yourself there? Do you smell the Sea of Galillee as you see Jesus breaking the bread for the 5,000? Are you in the upper room? Or when the Lord parts the Red Sea, how do you picture it being done? Or when a Bible story is told and many details are left out, do you wander about all the details that had to take place? Well, we should. You really should. It’s healthy stuff for the heart and soul. Not to mention it will lead to some good interviews in heaven!

Alright, brother, enough random musing for now. I’m out for now and Lord willing, I will catch you later! But man, this musing is good for the soul! Because I can’t wait to get to heaven!

Longing for the Final Consummation,




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