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Jonathan Edwards’ Quote March 2, 2007

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Thanks for those reflections.  Lord willing, I will get to some more thoughts on the judgment later tonight.  If not, tomorrow for sure.   I’m off to the game for now.  Here’s an Edwards’ quote that you may have come across the last few days as well.  I couldn’t help but post it.  It’s from a sermon called, “God Glorified in Man’s Dependence.”

“Let us be exhorted to exalt God alone, and ascribe to him all the glory of redemption. Let us endeavor to obtain, and increase in, a sensibleness of our great dependence on God, to have our eye to him alone, to mortify a self-dependent and self-righteous disposition. Man is naturally exceedingly prone to exalt himself, and depend on his own power or goodness, as though from himself he must expect happiness. He is prone to have respect to enjoyments alien from God and his Spirit, as those in which happiness is to be found. . . . [Rather] let him give God all the glory, who alone makes him to differ from the worst of men in this world, or the most miserable of the damned in hell. Hath any man much comfort and strong hope of eternal life, let not his hope lift him up, but dispose him the more to abase himself, to reflect on his own exceeding unworthiness of such a favor and to exalt God alone.”

Seeking to give Him all the glory,




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