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Seeking to Serve Blog Nation March 6, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Random Musings.


While we have some nice discussion going on about the powerpoint question I raised yesterday, I wanted to pose another question to our readers. I read on a blog today that a survey was done asking why people stop reading certain blogs. I was mildly surprised to read that the most common reason (approx. 35% of those who responded) why people stop reading a blog is because there are too many posts.

That made me think about our blog, because one or two people have told me in the past that we do a lot of posting and it is hard to keep up with all that we are posting. So in my desire to serve our readers better, I am wondering: Do you find that there is too much posting on our blog to keep up with? Are the posts too long? This is especially important because the #2 reason why people stop reading blogs is that there is not enough posting!

So help us, Blog Nation, to help you: Are we posting too much, too little, or just enough? We would really value if you’d take a minute or two to let us know. Just click on the ‘add a comment’ icon at the top of the post, and tell us what you think; and don’t be afraid to tell us how you really feel!




1. Will Bausch - March 6, 2007


I stop reading blogs because the writers either A.) don’t post frequently enough or B.) post as if in desperation that some of their valuable thoughts (i.e., all of them) might be lost if not recorded for posterity on the Internet. You do neither. Keep it up; you are both a great encouragment to me. Sometimes I don’t read all of the posts, but I appreciate having them there if I wish to read them.


2. inchristalone - March 6, 2007

I agree with Will on two fronts. First, your blog is very encouraging, and it needs to be remembered that everyone doesn’t have to read every post. So you should post at your own rate. However, I wonder if the two of you can keep up with each other and the various topics you put forward. It’s such a broad spectrum, how do each of you have time to process the thoughts of the other? Maybe you could (with the exception of morning prayer) take turns putting out a topic for the day and then just deal with that topic? And then have a day each week for full unloading :) I don’t know, just a thought.

Second, I agree with Will about Scripture on powerpoint. It does help for those who are trying to keep up with the reading and may be looking at King James English (or the Message) all the while. But maybe the question that leads to is, should churches have one translation that they agree to use during services so that everyone can read the same thing?

Good work guys!

3. Kev - March 6, 2007

lar – i think you guys do a great job keeping things timely. i stop checking blogs when they aren’t updated. with this one, i check several times a day and more often than not, there is a new post. it often challenges me several times a day at work. so in my opinion, don’t change a thing!


4. larrylaz - March 6, 2007

Thanks for the feedback guys. It is an encouragement to us that the blog is an encouragement to others. It is also helping me and Joe to stay in touch a lot better than last year!

Keep the feedback coming, everyone else. Please don’t be shy in telling us how we could improve things!


5. Gino - March 6, 2007


I thank God for this blog. Sincerely. I am encouraged by the way it is used to strengthen the saints and grow us in our love and knowledge of Christ. I may not be able to read all the posts each day but I certainly find time to catch up later.

The only suggestion I have is this… Sometimes it is challenging to follow a discussion between you and Joe because there are other posts in between your discussion. Perhaps you could consider responding to each other in the feedback to keep things orderly? I guess I am more accustom to threaded message board formats. But you could just as easily keep doing as you have been and this member of “Blog Nation” will be pleased.

One thing I really appreciate is when you guys post links to posts on other blogs that you read. I am usually unable to find time to read more than this blog, Challies.com and DG each day. I truly appreciate your pointing me to other articles from time to time.


I was going to say something about Joe’s really long posts but then I realized how long this bit of feedback was. ;-)

6. Erin - March 7, 2007

I have been blessed by this blog as well! I would agree with Gino that it would be helpful to stay on topic. I don’t mind the little posts of links and quotes in between. But for the most part, I woudl appreciate maybe a week of dialogue on a subject. I understand some things spurn other thoughts, but maybe just put them on a someday/maybe list to bring up later. So that is my two cents!
Thanks again for this are of ministry!

7. larrylaz - March 7, 2007

Gino & Erin,

Thanks for the feedback, it gives me some things to think about. While I agree with you that sometimes we get off topic and end up all over the place, two things jump out at me that make it difficult for us to stay “on task” with each individual topic:

1) My time for blogging is limited. If I was paid full time to blog, I would be able to read and think and study about each of Joe’s posts, and then go back and forth with him. But, as you know, this blog is one of many things on my plate, and it occupies generally an hour to an hour and a half of my day. That is a lot of time (perhaps too much), and oftentimes I don’t have time to interact very deeply with what Joe has said, and therefore will post something quick that may be totally unrelated.

2) Sometimes one or the other of us will not be able to post very much, if it all. Joe might post something at 10 AM, but then I will not hear back from him until the next day, or maybe two days. Unless I keep things rolling with some other topics, the ‘conversation’ would get stunted and we wouldn’t be posting as much. So far, the feedback is that we aren’t posting too much, so I’d like to try to put up about the same amount of info. each day. The same is true for Joe; he may post something and want a response, but I am in the midst of sermon prep. and can’t write anything intelligible on the subject for a few days (as was the case with the social justice thing).

Those are just a couple of thoughts, not in an attempt to defend myself or anything, but just to let you know where I’m coming from and why sometimes things are a bit random on here!


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