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Piper on the Death of His Father March 7, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Links.


It seems like quite a few bloggers are posting this, but I thought it is worth passing on anyway to those who haven’t seen it. Desiring God has published John Piper’s reflections in the hours immediately following the death of his father. Of course, Piper is one of thousands who lost a loved one yesterday. In that sense, I suppose there is nothing remarkable about his loss. But I have never been able to read the reflections of a man (and thankfully, a God-centered man) so close to the pain of losing someone so dear to them. His words made me cry, at two different points.

First, when in the seconds after his dad’s final breath, he began singing a verse from O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing. Oh, to be able to deal with pain with such a commitment to exalt God’s glory! And the second time was at the end, the conversation Piper had on his way out of the hospital. It made me weep over my own half-heartedness in sharing the gospel.

I’ll just let you read it. In fact, I plan to print this out and keep it for some time. It is wise to think of often of our death, and to live each day in light of our last. I am grateful to Piper for making his reflections public, and I am grateful to God for sustaining the strength of His saints in the midst of the dark nights of our souls.

May our lives and our deaths count for the glory of Christ,




1. Will Bausch - March 8, 2007


I had similar sentiments upon reading Piper’s reflections on his father’s death. To think that his father was a believer; mine is not. When is the last time I’ve whispered scripture in my father’s ear? Once, maybe twice. “It is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” I’m calling him tonight.


2. larrylaz - March 8, 2007

That’s great Will! I will pray that God opens the heart of your father to give heed to the Word, just as He did for Lydia in Acts 16:14.

It is sweet how the Lord uses the cloud of witnesses around us to keep us diligently running the race set before us.


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