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Random Musings March 8, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


Random musings are my specialty I believe.  The moment I comment myself to such a blog post, I  get excited to write.  I never know what is bound to come out.  That being said…here I go.

First, thanks for pointing us to Piper’s journal of his father’s last hours.  I read it the other day when it came out and I was moved–to say the least.  Those were powerful words.  But why?  Why were they so powerful?  Is it simply b/c they had to do with death?  Is it because they chronicled a man’s last hours.  No.  I don’t think so.  For plenty of people could come out with all sorts of nonsense chronicling a person’s final hours.  So why?  Here are a few reasons that came to mind.

1) They were powerful because they were real.  They flowed out from deep within the soul.  Nothing was held back.  No pretense.  Just straight up real words.  And aren’t those always the most moving and refreshing?  I think so.  And the reality is, we all know when someone is putting on some sort of show.  Most of us can also tell when we ourselves are putting on something of a show.  No matter the situation, let us all take note….it is best to be real.  It’s the only kind of life worth living.

2)  They were powerful because they were full of Bible and thus, full of God.   Naturally, this second reason must go with the first.  And when they are combined, this is the most powerful of all combinations in the world.  God-entranced words.  Eternity-laced words.  And real words.  No show.  Piper is inundated with Bible and thus, with God.  So his words reflect it–no matter the moment.  For that I give thanks.  That being said, let us all learn the lesson that if we want to be powerful, influential, moving people, let us labor to become inundated with Bible and thus, with God.  Let’s turn off the mind numbing television and go deep with the Lord.  Only then can we speak words of life–real words from a real heart.  The world is longing to hear them.

Second, I couldn’t help but think some more on my last post.  I’m burdened brother.  And the reason why I ‘went off’ a bit in that last post is because I can’t help but think that most of us who check this blog consistently aren’t struggling with too much labor for the poor and needy.  We are not burdened enough.  And we are not working enough.  That being said, I simply wanted to propose that everyone who reads this blog spend 5-10 minutes before the Lord thinking and praying through such an issue.  How might the Lord be calling you to serve the weakest of the weak?  What steps can you take to become a faithful servant of the least?  And more questions just like these.  They need to be asked.  Then we need to act upon the answers.  May the Lord grant us all such grace.

Lord knows (as he knows everything) I could go on, but that is enough for now brother.  Lord willing, I will catch you manana.

Seeking Him with you,




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