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More Musings on Gospel and Justice March 9, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Random Musings.


Thanks for your added thoughts on social justice. I certainly agree that you and I need to give heed to that call to be lovers of people who are burdened for the physical needs of fellow humans all around the world. Here are two things that come to my mind as I read your last post:

1) While you and I certainly do need to hear this challenge, I want to stress again that there are many good, compassionate, nice, professing Christians who think that the sum of the Gospel is to do good to other people. While I know that you are writing what you are because we do need to hear it. But we’ve got to remember that there are countless other Christians who need to be told that building a hospital or a school in some Third World country and never using that act of kindness to address the deepest need of the forgiveness of sins through Christ’s atoning sacrifice is not a faithful gospel witness.

I trust that you agree with this, and you are just especially burdened to share the other side of the coin, which, as I said, is much needed for us.

2) Since it is much needed that we hear this strong challenge to bear the physical burdens of others in Jesus’ name, let’s be specific. It is easy to say that we need to do more to care for others, and to show the love of Christ. We can even quote chapter and verse, “Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice…” But what I am finding more and more is that if my actions are going to be transformed, I need more than a truth or principle affirmed in the mind. I need a plan. I found that to be especially true when I sat down with Whitney’s New Year’s questions a couple of months ago.

So I am wondering, what is the next step in this? I like and agree with everything you are saying. Of all people, Christians ought to be pouring themselves out to meet physical needs with a view toward meeting their deepest spiritual need in Christ. What can I do today to begin to take action?

Give me your thoughts, brother. Take the weekend and get back to me, or if you have time, write something up and post it today. If you don’t have time, I just read another nice quote from Spurgeon that I can post, or share some reflections from being in the hospital this morning with Michelle (don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong!)

Seeking Him with you,




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