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The Harm of Relativity March 14, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


A brief hiatus isn’t always bad. I suppose practical step #2 can wait until tomorrow, for I can’t help but comment on your last post. I have two thoughts….

1) Though they do not think so, the couple is actually doing harm to society.

This is the case because they are undermining the principles that make for a thriving society. Disobedience to the laws of God never bring blessing–for any people ever! It might seem so for a time, but in the long run, everyone is hurt. In this case, they are applying relative principles to the law. Notice that their criteria for law is that whatever does not hurt society should be allowed. Their argument is not that what they are doing is right. Their argument is that it just isn’t hurting society, so it must be okay.

You are right in saying that this has massive implications. In fact, these implications are already panning out in a liberal country like Germany, and all over Europe in fact. When a moral base is thrown aside for laws that man deems best for himself and society, any society can expect to take a quick plunge. Of course, quick in history might be a few hundred years or more, but that is quick nonetheless. When belief in an infinite, personal God is viewed as just one of many options, law has lost its foundation. Things will become increasingly liberal. And this is definitely not good!

2) The same thing is happening in America.

Thankfully, we have a strong presence of Bible-believing Christians. That being said, mass-culture is assuredly relative in their thinking. If you walk up to a person on the street and proclaim your belief in the Bible, you will often hear, ‘That is good for you. I believe…..[you fill in the blank].” What is the worldview behind this thought? It is simply that if that works for you, that is good. I have my own thing. There is no absolute truth. There is no infinite, personal God that everyone is accountable to. There is just what you and I want to do. Whatever works for us. That is the law.

Now carry that over into the political and judicial sphere. Whatever works for us is law. Whatever works for me as an individual is my law. Whatever works for us as a society is our law. It is happening. It has happened. And it will only get worse unless the Spirit of God comes.

We can already see this happening right? I think so. Abortion, homosexuality, on and on we can go. Freedom of expression, etc. etc. When everyone does what is right in their own eyes, things head downhill fast.

That being said, let’s pray for the Spirit to come brother. For the church is not immune to this thinking. And the greatest way to overcome it is to be a people prepared, a people of power, a people who so walk with Jesus that the reality of Truth is evident and attractive in our personal lives and corporate life. And for that, we most assuredly need the presence of the Spirit. May the Lord grant us the grace to seek His presence in humble repentance. And may He soon come!

Seeking the One and Only Truth with you,




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