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Social Justice Practical Step #5 March 23, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


I lost my last post once again. And I am seriously bummed, but trust that the Lord really wants me to get this stuff! I’ll be copying everything from now on! Anyhow, thanks for your encouragement in your last post. I appreciated it. You know, this blog is really a great way to learn. You can’t help but learn as you write! So I write.

Here is another condensed version (though my last post wasn’t too long). Practical Step #5 is this:

5) If you want to grow in having a heart for social justice, read more on Biblical Theology and Heaven.

Your final comment in your last post served to strike my thinking in this regard. Particularly, the thought that entered my mind was that the only way ‘setting our minds on things above’ will be effective for life here on earth is if our minds are set on true propositions. Said another way: we are only good for earth if our ideas of God’s kingdom and His New Earth are accurate. I am sure you follow.

As this relates to Biblical theology, we must have a deeper understanding of what God is doing in redemptive history. This is in fact, what Biblical theology focuses upon–the unity of Scripture, the way in which Scripture serves to convey one clear and united message of God making all things new through His Son Jesus Christ. In its most simple form: God created perfect order from chaos. Man made chaos out of order through sin. God is bringing perfect order once again through His Son Jesus Christ–all to the glory and honor of His great name!

The reason this matters for social justice is because when we realize that this is God’s over-arching plan, we begin to see that there is more to God’s work that ‘saving souls.’ Of course, that is included of course, but that is only the starting place of redemption really. The gospel must take root within. That is for sure. But the root of the gospel bears kingdom fruit, redemptive fruit. Through the gospel, God’s kingdom comes in full.

Thus, where the gospel takes root, the fruit of social justice comes. The more we come to understand the gospel (step #1), the more we will work to bring all of life into line with that message of the kingdom. We will labor to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Naturally, this relates to Heaven in that we must know what we should be working towards! For we are working to make all things new. We are laboring to make all things as they ought to be and as they one day will be. And when we look at what Scripture reveals about Heaven (the New Earth), we realize that there will be no injustice. No death. No suffering. No abortions. No poverty. No sickness. No tears. It is glorious indeed and just the thought should lead to more action. Indeed, I think it does. That is why it is in practical step #5.

When our hearts are truly set on the Lord Jesus, when we really understand what He has done on our behalf and all that His life, death, and resurrection has/will accomplish(ed), our minds and hearts will be properly informed and stirred to right action. In this case, we will grow in our heart to see justice come and justice down on earth as it is in Heaven.

There is more, but that is enough for now. Tomorrow, I will check in with two book recommendations on these two topics. They are definitely ‘must-reads’ for every Christian!

Seeking first the kingdom of God with you,




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