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A Poem April 5, 2007

Posted by Joe in Prayer.

I’m not sure what to call it yet, but I am sure I’ll come up with something. I have been thinking about our need to preach to ourselves the truth and, in particular, the gospel. This was part of the fruit of that meditation this morning, so I thought I would share it here. I plan to use it to periodically preach to my soul!

Though wholly underserved,
He pursues me with His grace,
He ordains my every struggle,
That I might see His face.

My needs in all are One,
But my desires scattered throughout,
He works to make me focused,
On One I can’t do without.

The trials, they do vary,
Much diversity you’ll find,
Never are they comfortable,
But always they are kind.

Through Jesus, I know comfort,
Through Jesus, I know rest.
Through Jesus, God has mercy,
And He’s working for my best.

O soul, sit down and ponder,
Think upon the cross.
Then look to every other thing
And consider it but loss.

Include your many struggles.
Take them into God’s pure light,
For to see from His perspective
Is the way to fight the fight.

Be sure to keep it simple.
Complex it need not be.
“The Lord has only good,
Because Jesus died for me.”

Preach it, O yes preach it
And sing it ‘til you find
Your heart begins to soar
And you know peace of mind.

Will it now come easy?
O no! for now joy must
Come only through great struggle
To make the Lord your trust.

Yes, one day you’ll know glory
Perfect peace outside and in,
But until He comes in power,
You must fight for joy in Him.

Be sure to ne’r forget it,
Everyday is now a war.
Every moment a great battle,
For joy in Christ to soar.

Embrace this one reality,
Don’t complain but look above
To see your every struggle
In light of God’s great love.



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