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The ‘Money’ Chest-Past Jumper April 17, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


Your last post was phenomenal brother. I totally enjoyed reading that, even though I’m not quite sure what game of P-I-G you are referring to. Somehow it has conveniently slipped my memory! I will say though, that although your jumper might not be ‘textbook’ the ‘chest-pass-set-shot’ (as we liked to call it) does go in for you. You can shoot some hoops Lar! You might not be able to get it off with the defender right in your face, but if you are left open, I do think you can knock it down with some good consistency. Maybe you should be signing up for the church bball team!

That was good. Anyhow, it is late for me today and I don’t have much to say. Ok, so that comment was absolute ridiculous, for there is never a time when I don’t have plenty to say! Much has been on the heart as of late. Probably as is the case with most everyone in this country (and much of the world for that matter), the shootings at Virginia Tech are on my heart. There is a great deal to say.

And I have said it.  I just wrote out a lengthy post for tomorrow.  It is a reflection on the shooting at Virginia Tech. I could have posted it here, but it just didn’t seem to fit, so manana it will be. Until then brother, keep shooting those hoops!

Knocking down jumpers with you (or at least shooting them!),




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