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Another Portrait of Our Depravity April 19, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Random Musings.


As if Monday’s shootings at VA Tech weren’t enough of a reminder of how corrupt the human race is, I was really struck by what I just observed in going to CNN’s website. In the section on top stories, there are, as would be expected, several different articles about the killer, the victims, etc.

But I was amazed that right there with all those stories of horror and tragedy, in the top stories section, was this headline: “You-know-who finally gets boot on ‘Idol’.” Tucked in the midst of stories about the deadliest school shooting in US history is an article detailing the latest contestant to be voted off of American Idol.

Nevermind that I do not know who ‘You-know-who is — I have never seen an episode of American Idol in my life. What amazes me (and it really shouldn’t amaze me) is how deprave a society we could be. In the wake of 32 people being shot dead on a college campus, God is mercifully screaming to us that our day is coming soon, and we should be reconciled to our Maker. But instead of humbling ourselves, we still find fascination in the triviality of another American Idol in the making.

Father, have mercy on our hardness of heart. Humble us under Your mighty hand, and show us how destructive it is to deaden our souls to eternity by eating and drinking the trivial and irrelevant.




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