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Quick Thoughts April 19, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


I’ve been a bit MIA today and it’s getting late, but I wanted to offer a few short reflections.  First, I appreciated your posts today.  You were right about the first.  It really made the entire incident real.  These were real people on a real campus.  I also saw that one of them graduated from Penn State and was on campus at the same time we were.  It makes you wonder.  As for the second, I also do not know who ‘you-know-who’ is.  I think I might be very proud of that though!  Surely I must be careful, but it speaks volumes about our need for entertainment in order to dull our consciences to what ultimately matters.

Related to that, I suppose, is a thought I had earlier today about the tragedy at Virginia Tech.  I am certain almost everyone is aware of the killer’s taped confession or whatever you want to call it.  Anyhow, I was struck by a few articles I read that focused upon the killer’s mental and emotional state.  Apparently he was checked out by a psychologist a few years back, but because he did not have suicidal tendencies at that point, there was nothing they could do for him.  He was realized back into mainstream society.

Anyway, my point in saying all this is simply that without a biblical worldview, all explanations for his actions will be severely lacking.  Think of it.  Was he insane?  Maybe.  Mentally unstable?   Sure.  But why?  What lies behind such things?  He wasn’t mentally slow.  He was mentally unstable.  But again, why?  Apart from the biblical worldview–which involves angels and demons–all you are left with is a bunch of psychological mumbo-jumbo (that is a technical term mind you).  All sorts of psychologists will be out there trying their finest to find the one thing that set him off, some past incident or something.

Yet they fail to see the big-picture.  They fail to see root causes, b/c they fail to call sin, sin and Satan, Satan.  There is an enemy brother.  He is real and he is not alone.  He is also not stupid (at least in one sense).  He is a good deceiver and I can’t help but think that he rejoices in much of the psychological, unspiritual mumbo-jumbo (again, a technical term) that imbibes American culture today.  Seriously, we are desperate for revival brother.  We are desperate for the Spirit of God to come and wake up millions from their spiritual, watching-way-too-much American Idol slumber.

May the Lord haver mercy on us soon, brother, so that we might see with true spiritual clarity.

Seeking Him with you,




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