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Good Quote April 25, 2007

Posted by Joe in Quotes, Random Musings.


Been a bit busy here the past few days, so blogging has been scarce–and will probably continue to be the rest of the week, b/c I am headed out of town until Saturday. But I did want to share this quote. It comes from the winter edition of “The Journal of Biblical Counseling.” I receive those now and would strongly suggest that you read through them after I am done. Of course, you will have to put up with a good amount of pen marks, because they are great articles! Anyhow, here is the quote.

“…all of us…think, interpret, and draw conclusions about life based on life experiences….we are interpreters. We try to make sense out of our world, ourselves, and our experiences. And we are meant to do so. But it is a second fundamental truth that we cannot accurately make sense of our world without reference to the One who made us and who correctly interprets our world for us. As human beings, we were created to understand life based on what God says about Himself, our world, and ourselves. Without that reference point, we draw faulty conclusions about ourselves, God, and our life experiences. We become the center of our own world and act accordingly.”

There is a great deal of wisdom in that quote. One of the first things that struck me is how this reality points to the great wisdom of how Bible reading actually changes us. That is, the Bible isn’t simply a rule book to follow. It isn’t a manual or book of good sayings. It is a worldview transforming book. That is, it teaches us how we ought to view the world. In the truest sense, it renews our minds. Thus, the most important thing about us is how well we understand the Scriptures. Not as an end in and of itself of course, but as a measuring stick. For our thoughts are only as clear (about everything in life) as they are informed by the Word of God.

Much more could be said. So go ahead and say it brother! I’ll come back with more as well. I also just read a great post that relates perfectly to this topic. I’ll post it sometime later. Until then…

Thankful for the Scriptures,



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