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Saturday Morning Prayer April 28, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Prayer.

“1You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God an ox or a sheep in which is a blemish, any defect whatever, for that is an abomination to the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 17:1

In the New Testament, You call us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to You.  You do not ask for an ox or a sheep, but for our entire lives to be an act of worship.  Help us, Father, to obey this commandment even in the presentation of our bodies to You.  An animal with any defect or blemish was not acceptable, for You are worthy of only our best.  And so when it comes to our lives, may we give You the firstfruits of our lives, without any defect or blemish.  With our money, our time, our talents and gifts, help us to give You the best of all we have.  And help us to do so knowing that even the best of what we have is given by You.  We can present to You only what already belongs to You.  Make our lives instruments of worship, Father, today and every day.



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