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Gospel-Centeredness May 4, 2007

Posted by Joe in Links.


Sorry I missed you yesterday, but I had to work! It was all good though, because we won game 1. Anyhow, I appreciated the Luther quote you posted the other day. As you know, the Lord has been working on me big time in relationship to the gospel. That is, I am seeing more and more why the gospel must be central to the whole of life. And it is indeed a joyful lesson to learn! In that same vein, here is a sermon by Piper on the same topic.

Erin and I are also watching Piper’s messages on marriage (which is soon to be a book from what I understand). They are great and I recommend them to every married couple (or anyone moving in that direction). Anyhow, I mentioned to Erin the one day that Piper himself seems to have a greater gospel-centeredness in his preaching as of late. By ‘as of late’ I mean the last few years I suppose, but in looking at his earlier messages, I don’t see the same pervasiveness of the gospel. Would you agree?

Until later, let’s be meditating on the good work of our Savior!
Seeking Him with you,



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