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Stunning May 16, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Links.

That’s really all I can say about this cover story in the current issue of Newsweek.

In essence — A man is born a man, but as he grows up he decides he wants to be a woman. So he declares, I am now a woman. And our society seems to be saying, ‘Ok!’.

How deep are the hidden (and not so hidden) idolatries in our hearts.



1. Will B - May 16, 2007


To most, choosing your gender has about as much moral consequence as choosing Coke or Pepsi. This attitude is so ingrained in the minds of today’s teenagers that it’s a given that they can choose their gender.

This is a post by Al Mohler is about choosing gender, eye color, hair color, or anything else for that matter before birth, through genetic testing followed by abortion:


Once I got past the sick feeling and anger welling up in my stomach, I noticed something interesting in his post. The pro-abortion people quoted in the article sound incredibly wishy-washy. They have no sure leg to stand on, yet we have the sword of truth. How gracious of God that he has given us the Truth! Anything else is doomed to contradiction and moral failure. Both of these articles, while horrifying, also serve as reminders to me of how precious the Word of the Lord is.


2. larrylaz - May 16, 2007


You’re right that it really shouldn’t be stunning, given the lack of a moral compass that our society has. As you said, without the Word of God, all else is sinking sand.

Thanks also for posting the article from Mohler. His commentaries are always insightful.


3. Will B - May 21, 2007


This new post by Al Mohler on the same subject is also worth reading.


It’s truly horrifying. I can only pray the we who call ourselves Christians would fight against such injustice and hubris. Has our society really sunk this far. I can only think of the Nazis, who found amusement in throwing babies up in the air for target practice.


4. larrylaz - May 22, 2007


Thanks for posting that additional link from Mohler. One can only hope that with the secular media spending so much time covering these stories, that God will use these horror stories to awaken some grief-wracked mothers, still lamenting their use of choice to turn to the Savior and find healing, forgiveness and life in Him.


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