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Sunday with Larry and Michelle May 27, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Links.


So we’ve been slacking a bit over the last few days, don’t you think?  Hopefully you’ll get us off to a good start to the week tomorrow, though it is a holiday for us in the States!

Since I don’t have much time to write anything, I figured I would just post this sermon on biblical headship that Michelle and I will be watching together in a little bit.  In the midst of a busy season, we are trying to get some rest today and as I have mentioned before, this series of messages by Piper on marriage have ministered to our souls.

If anyone else has a chance to listen/watch/read it, let me know your thoughts,




1. Jim W - June 1, 2007

Loved it! A courageous and challenging message for us husbands.

And I especially appreciated the end, when he says, “Woe to the man — and woe to the nation — that sends the women in to fight the battles.” I cringe every time I think that we have women in uniform defending our nation.

2. Jim W - June 2, 2007

A day later — I need to clarify that comment on women in the military:
Don’t get me wrong. I honor and admire those brave women who put their lives on the line for our country. I’m thankful for them.
But I cringe because of the men who should be taking up the gauntlet, not making the women have to defend our country for us. I have no problem with women in the service, just with women in combat. And women sharing barracks and training areas with men — yeah that’s a problem and distraction, too, but I’ll shut up for now.

3. larrylaz - June 3, 2007


I appreciate your clarification, and while I think we knew what you meant, it is clear that even with your clarification, there are many in this country who would be appalled by your views. We live in a society which has abandoned the Biblical vision of manhood and womanhood which you esteem.

But the fact that it is hated in the world should not prevent us from proclaiming its truth and beauty, as God designed it. And I think the best way we can proclaim it is through marriages that embody Ephesians 5 in all its glory.

Striving to be a husband after Christ’s own heart,


4. Erin - June 4, 2007

Joe and I just listened to this message last night as we work our way through the series. I thought it was a great message as well and would encourage any married couple to watch this series of sermons together. The two great duties of protection and provision that Piper drew out of the text as the main duties of the leadership of a husband were great. But lest any woman get too arrogant in watching he gave some very good warnings to women who would demand their husbands act this way. So all the wives out there can greatly benefit from this message as well.

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