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Mohler on Transgender Pastor May 30, 2007

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Thanks for posting those words from Newton. Sovereign Grace Ministries has a song on the Bob Kauflin Hymns Project that comes from those words, called The Look. Check it out if you have a chance.

I’m a bit busy today, but here’s an interesting article by Al Mohler on a Methodist pastor who decided she didn’t want to be a woman anymore. An excerpt:

“The saddest part of the Sun’s report comes when the pastor claims that “today God’s gift of medical science is enabling me to bring my physical body in alignment with my true gender.” This is an illusion of incredible tragedy. Modern medicine is truly capable of many wonders, but it cannot turn a woman into a man, nor a man into a woman. Doctors may perform drastic surgery and prescribe hormone therapies, but they cannot make a woman into a man. Rev. Drew Phoenix will be no more capable of biological fatherhood than Rev. Ann Gordon. Those who overlook this fact are hiding from reality.”

I’m grateful for Mohler’s commitment to expose the lies of our culture,


Update: I made a change in the title of this post, which was originally called ‘Mohler on the Methodist Church. A reader wisely and humbly suggested to me that the title I had put on it unnecessarily implicated the entire Methodist Church in this one instance. He was quick to point out that not all Methodists would embrace this pastor’s decision, and felt that my title could have given people a wrong impression.

Many thanks to the humble brother who pointed this out to me, and loved me enough to correct me.



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