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Praying for Paris June 12, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Links.

Paris Hilton was seen entering jail last week with a Bible under her arm and says she is searching spiritually. How should we respond? I thought this was a great article.



1. Will B - June 12, 2007


What’s interesting is that Paris is a stated role-model for many of my female students. What happens when that role-model suddenly becomes a Christian? At the least, it will cause some of these girls to examine themselves, something teenagers aren’t that particuliarily prone to do. Could Christ save Paris? He saved me, didn’t he? By maintaining a cynical attitude toward the salvation of anyone else, we become the Pharisee, rather than the tax collector.
Also, if we mock and scorn Paris for her attitudes toward possessions and fame, then we might as well forget about witnessing to anyone under the age of 30! For my generation and the one coming after, all I see as life priorities are expensive cell phones and YouTube. Paris is a mirror for this generation. Let’s rejoice in the power and mercy of God that, even for a split second, they may look in that mirror and, instead of themselves, see Christ!

Will B.

2. larrylaz - June 12, 2007

Amen, brother! If God could change you and me, He can change anyone.

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