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The Book of Romans June 21, 2007

Posted by Joe in Quotes.


Lord willing, I’ll post a lengthier one later today, but for now, here’s another quote from Knowing God.

“Paul’s letter to Rome is the high peak of Scripture, however you look at it. Luther called it ‘the clearest gospel of all.’ ‘If a man understands it,’ wrote Calvin, ‘he has a sure road opened for him to the understanding of the whole Scripture.’ Tyndale, in his preface to Romans, linked both thoughts, calling Romans ‘the principal and most excellent part of the New TEstament, and most pure Euangelion, that is to say glad tidings and that we call gospel, and also a light and a way in unto the whole Scripture.’ All roads in the Bible lead to Romans, and all views afforded by the Bible are seen most clearly from Romans, and when the message of Romans gets into a person’s heart there is no telling what may happen.”

In light of that quote, I want to challenge us with two questions: How well do you know the book of Romans? And what are doing right now to know it better?

Memorization. Meditation. Simply reading it through. Listening to a sermon series. Reading a commentary on the book. There are many options. Maybe we can discuss some in the next few days. Either way, I would venture to say that, in light of that quote (and practical experience), we are wise to make it a priority to know the book of Romans. For it will surely serve as a gateway into greater understanding of the rest of Scripture.

Seeking Him with you,



1. Will B - June 21, 2007


I was just thinking last night in cell group that I am always referring back to Romans in conversation with other belivers, sometimes several times in the same conversation! I’ve read through it many times, and each time I come away from it with fresh insight from the Holy Spirit, especially in the areas of justification and sanctification. It’s my favorite book of Scripture, but I feel that I have still to catch even a small glimpse of the riches it contains.


2. Joe - June 22, 2007

Hey Will,
That is pretty cool. I have made it a project to listen to Piper’s sermons on Romans straight through. My wife is doing so now and has encouraged me in it simply by benefitting from it so much. I have listened to many of them already, but I do believe moving straight through is a great way to ‘get’ the whole book. And from my humble vantage point, no one does a better job of dealing with Romans 9-11 than Piper. Great stuff! Keep it rollin Will. You’re an encouragement brother,

3. Will B - June 22, 2007


I’m sure that you are even more of an encouragement to me! I’ve downloaded several of Piper’s messages for the flight to and from Bosnia. There are so many; it’s daunting to listen to them all. I’ve tried in the past, but haven’t been able to make it past his messages for Chapter 1. This time, I’ve download messages pertaining to areas of Romans that I’ve have been studying recently. How many years did he spend in Romans? Eight? That’s a faithful preacher and a patient congregation!


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