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Sweet Providence June 22, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Random Musings.


This morning I received two pieces of mail. The first was an invitation to the 2007 Desiring God National Conference. A few months ago Michelle and I had briefly talked about going out to Minneapolis, as the last conference we went to out there was back in 2004. But with our baby due in July, we thought this might not be an ideal time to go, especially because of the finances in going on such a trip. Michelle will be staying at home now, and so it may not be the best time to take a trip.

Well, when I got the invitation in the mail that desire to head out there for a few days came back to me. I knew if God wanted us there, He would find a way to get us there.

So I opened the second piece of mail, which came to us without a return address. I opened it and inside was a piece of paper that read:

Dear Larry, Michelle and Baby,

Enjoy, be blessed, and know that your work is appreciated.

Enclosed with the piece of paper was an anonymous check for $1,000.

I haven’t bought our plane tickets or anything, but I wonder if that is God’s way of saying, ‘Enjoy a few days in Minneapolis. You don’t deserve it, but I am a God who is gracious and merciful, and I supply My children with all that they need, and more.’

Humbled by God’s faithfulness,




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