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Redemption, Restoration June 25, 2007

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Here is another quote from Richard Pratt, Jr.

“Something much more spectacular than the salvation of our souls is waiting at the end of the road to dignity. Our full restoration will be accompanied by a renewal of the whole creation. The universe fell under God’s curse when Adam and Even sinned. The wondrous creation was subjected to futility and decay, but not without hope for a brighter future. When Christ returns and recues us from the curse of death, he will also dramatically renew everything else in God’s creation: the mountains and valleys, the deserts and seas, the plants and animals. Our solar system, the galaxy, and even the entire universe will be restored to their original splendor. Harmony will replace discord. Beauty will replace decay and destruction. Then comes the most astounding part of it all. All of this new creation, every square inch of it, will be placed beneath our feet forever. ‘The meek,’ Jesus said, ‘will inherit the earth’ (Matt. 5:5).”

This reality is surely a glorious one, but the sad thing is that it is largely unknown by many in the church. How many Christians really operate with this kind of worldview? How many of us really know that this is the end that the Lord has in mind? And how many teachers are pointing them to this great goal week after week?

The reason these questions are vital is because our understanding of the end radically informs the decisions we make here and now. Our understanding of God’s redemptive work–particularly where it has been and where it is headed–dictates our actions here and now whether we realize it or not. Too often we make the salvation of souls the end goal of redemption, but we fail to see that the salvation of souls is the means through which the entire universe is transformed. “The creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.” Why does the creation long like this? Because it longs for its full restoration. And it isn’t under the sons of God are fully redeemed and revealed that the creation will get what it longs for.

Our doctrine of personal salvation should be sound. Yet our doctrine of universal redemption (meaning the whole cosmos, not every individual person)must also been sound. For without this grant vision of what God is doing in the world (and not simply in individual lives), the vision of the church shrivels up, becomes consumed with her own activities, and fails to make a radical difference in every sphere of life. It is not an overstatement to say that we as a people must keep God’s end goal in mind if we are ever to work faithfully and fruitfully to His glory here and now. For when we really understand how it is all going to end, we then begin to see clearly how we can work now to bring that end about. O may the Lord make us people of such vision!

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