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How I Feel vs. What is Real July 17, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Quotes, Random Musings.

I remember Sinead O’Connor from her ripping in half a picture of the pope on Saturday night several years ago. Apparently she has just released a new CD that is 99.9% based on the Old Testament Scriptures. I found this portion of a recent interview with her in Christianity Today stunning. Even more stunning, this CD is being marketed to Christians!

I couldn’t help but thinking of Mahaney’s chapter in Living the Cross Centered Life on truth and emotions. The entire article is full of her saying, ‘I think…I feel…’ May the folly of her own beliefs guard us from the temptation to examine what is true in light of how we feel about the truth.

Are you a Christian?

O’Connor: Yeah, by birth and by culture.

Is Theology an album for Christians?

O’Connor: I wouldn’t say it’s just for Christians. It’s 99.9 percent based in the Old Testament. To say that it’s an album for Christians would imply that it’s not for other people. But I think it’s a record that would appeal to all kinds of religions.

What does Jesus mean to you?

O’Connor: I’ve had a lot of faith in Jesus ever since I was a little kid. I always joke with my friends that I have a cab company called “Jesus Cabs.” And I tell my friends, “If you ask Jesus for anything, it will happen. But you have to believe that it’s going to happen.”

What about now? Where do you stand in your faith in Jesus?

O’Connor: I think everybody has an individual relationship with Jesus. I kinda really do believe in this Trinity thing, that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all one thing. I understand Jesus as being an interceder, someone you ask when you really need a big favor from God. I also feel that Jesus is inside everybody. It’s almost like an energy or a thing that lives inside of us.

How about his role as a Savior?

O’Connor: I grew up in violent circumstances [in a later e-mail, O’Connor clarified that she was abused as a child by a family member], and Jesus was a Savior to me insofar that he would make me forget what was going on. But to say that Jesus is a Savior can sometimes translate as, “Unless people know doctrine, they’re not going to be saved.” I don’t believe that. I believe God loves everybody. And at the end of the day every creation of God goes on to God and his love equally. So I have difficulties with the implication that because somebody on the other side of the world doesn’t know Jesus, they don’t get saved.

So there’s no such thing as Jesus being the one way, truth, and life?

O’Connor: I believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and that whole kind of thing is one particular energy. If you want a put a picture of a body on it, then fine. But I call it an energy. Some people paint a picture of Jesus. But to me, he’s an energy. That energy is the same no matter where you are in the world or whose side you’re on. If you call it Allah or you call it God or you call it Buddha, it’s all the same. I thing God saves everybody whether they want to be saved or not. So when we die, we’re all going home.

So it doesn’t matter your lifestyle, we’re all going to heaven.

O’Connor: Yeah, I don’t think God judges anybody. He loves everybody equally. I think there’s a slight difference when it comes to very evil people, but there are not too many of those in the world.

God’s character is very human; he goes through the whole gamut of emotions that a person might go through.

By human, do you mean fallible?

O’Connor: People often say, “If there’s a God, why does he let bad things happen?” We expect God to be perfect, but if we’re made in God’s image, then perhaps God isn’t perfect. And that’s OK. But I also believe that partly we are God. We are part of God and God is something that’s in us and all around us.



1. Re - July 18, 2007

I haven’t been on in months and to read this first thing makes my stomach hurt. Not because I have a liking to her but just to read that in black and white is …what did you say…stunning?

2. larrylaz - July 18, 2007

You’re right, ‘nauseating’ would be another word that could be used (did I spell that right?). But as I said, it’s a reminder to me to be careful about the tendencies in my own heart to evaluate truth on the basis of what I feel. God often exposes my own sins and weaknesses by bringing people into my life who have the same struggles.


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